• MHSA Logo Student-Athlete & Parent/Legal Guardian Concussion Statement
    Points of Emphasis
    • Frenchtown School District, as a service to the parents of students who participate in athletics, will make available the required Baseline Test.  This test can be used by a physician to diagnose and treat a concussion injury.   All athletes are required to take the test.   
    • Any athlete that suffers a concussion will be required to follow the "Post Concussion" testing and "Return to Play" rules established by the MHSA, Frenchtown School District and Montana Law.  Only a certified medical professional can clear a student for return to play.

    Schedule for Testing

    Frenchtown School District will schedule times for testing.  Those times and dates will be posted on the front page of our website as they occur.  All students wishing to play extracurricular sports should take the test prior to the start of the season.  You CANNOT practice until you have completed the pre-screening test.