• Agenda oct 8th

    Posted by John Smith on 10/7/2015 1:15:00 AM

    Smart Schools project

    Hand dryer meeting rescheduled

    Blood Drive wednesday October 28th, A day- please sign up to work that day for volunteer hours, hang up posters

    Acquiring auction donations - mall trip, talk to local businesses - Maddy



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  • Agenda Thursday September 17th-

    Posted by Trévor on 9/16/2015 11:00:00 PM

    Sign up for shirt printing next week! 

    21st- Madison, Becca, Justine  3:30- 5:30

    22nd- klimpel  5:30 -7, Trevor

    23rd madison

    24th megan, Emily, Shelby, brooke



    Classes must decide on these next few options, form committees last 10 min of meeting

    Finish planning homecoming week, we have weekly dress up ideas but now we need activites so posters can be made and passed out at next meeting. 

    Currently we have - Seniors thursday oct1st- Salsa Day, activity ? 

     Juniors - Thousand Island wednesday 30th, Tropical day - activity - hulahooping contest 

    Sophomores Tuesday 29th - Ranch(Cowboy,western), activity? 

    freshman - monday 28th - french - berets and fashionable clothes, activity is blind art

    Friday- house dressing - school spirit colors

    Juniors will be distributing or selling leis for the hawaiian theme, do other classes want to do something similar to that?

    * please finish this and confirm so posters can be made


    Additional things for homecoming

    sticky note mural for bronc pride, says we bleed orange, go broncs etc - put sticky notes on wall or on cardboard?

    choose next week home sporting event theme, white out, etc

    Royalty- need full week plan from dance, pep rally, bonfire, crowning, each class decorates a car? Movie in parking lot, etc.

    Dance on Saturday the 26th

    Royalty voting week of 21st    - need ballot , have advisory classes choose candidates 





    Highway clean up on the 9th in cooperation with key club and NHS 


    do we want to write something/announce something special on the hallway boards? - talk to pasky


    Does student council want to announce its current projects and other announcements in a segment in the student newspaper? 


    Student council fundraisers

    Silent Auction

    School store






    Hand driers and bathroom stalls? Progress check.

    We will finalize an email to other teachers of whom may be interested in the recycling project, email will contain entire plan

    today we should put paper recycling boxes in all the rooms - boxes behind school near shop, distribute during lunch

    1. bins and boxes to collect. 2. posters and promotion. 3. collection of materials. 4. transportation and weighing of materials to mark improvement. 5. documentation and recording. 6. additional eco friendly projects - eg. tree planting, community garden, herb garden, recycled materials store for fundraising, nature conservancy project of widening the frenchtown trail.

    Potential people involved: youngberg, klein, haynes, klimpel, delaney, ++++.

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  • Agenda 9/10/2015

    Posted by John Smith on 9/3/2015

    Talk about Smart schools recycling program. View the Applications and Idea PDFs.

    Talk about T-shirt Design. (Changing Bronc to silver and making letters bleed orange)

    Decide dates for printing shirts and who is available. 

    Discuss the option of having students vote in the library on dances and weekly dress up ideas, etc using the voting box.

    Finish planning homecoming week, we have weekly dress up ideas but now we need activites so posters can be made and passed out at next meeting. 

    Juniors want to purchase hawaiian leis for thousand island themed dress up day. $20 for 100 for cheap ones, $40 for 100 for better ones. Should we donate them from our own $ or withdraw from junior funds or should we sell them for $.50 each to raise money

    For improving our recycling we will need to acquire new bins, smart schools will pay for them if we decide to sign up for it. 

    Who will take them to recycling plant? Where to store bags of cans, bottles, etc? - Talk to haines, chapman, youngberg?

    Student Council Twitter posters

    Recycling posters

    We need to take a picture of the student council gor website, in classes, all together, by position?

    Highway Cleanup October 9th with key club and NHS

    Sticky note mural of bronc in commons 


    other issues in the school - reported by students

    * Broken hand dryers (revisiting this topic from two years ago) hand dryers vs paper towels

    Girls bathroom stalls that don't close? Maintenance? Who to contact?


    "A happy student body is a successful one!" >.> 


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  • Agenda 9/4/2014

    Posted by Mandi Klimpel on 9/4/2014
    Recycling (Youngberg)
    Homecoming (Parade, T-shirts, etc.)
    The F
    Half-time Pop
    Dirty Dash
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  • Agenda 5-01-14

    Posted by Mandi Klimpel on 5/1/2014

    Teacher Appreciation Week??
       Cook Breakfast?
       Treats throughout the week?
      Do it 
       Do it
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  • Agenda 4-24-14

    Posted by Mandi Klimpel on 4/24/2014
    Science Palooza 
       Tonight be there at 4:00
          Also need people at 8:30 for take-down
    Spring Fling
       We are having another meeting on Monday
       Please Dress up and act excited
       For real do it
    Allie Moe
    Student Council Elections
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  • Agenda 4-17-14

    Posted by Eddie Harris on 4/17/2014
    Concessions schedule
    science palooza
    4 and 8:30
    1 hour shifts
    sign up sheet and speeches
    Secretaries day
    I need some money!
    (raising price of carbonated beverages)
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  • Agenda 4-10-14

    Posted by Mandi Klimpel on 4/10/2014
    Fun Run!!
      It needs to be fun.....
         Prizes for motivation
             Class competition 5 minutes at lunch for winners, losers get shamed (last in the line?)
         Olympic Games
              Prizes (otter pops, food?)
    Speeches on the 25th?
    Teacher appreciation
    Secretaries Day
    PTSA Carnival Reminder
    Science Palooza
      April 24th
      Take one as you leave
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  • Agenda 4-03-14

    Posted by Mandi Klimpel on 4/3/2014
    Carnival sign-ups
    Spring Fling week
      Olympic events
      Lunch Activities?
    Science Palooza
      Volunteers April 24th
         Thursday night 5pm show up at 4pm
    Secretaries Day April 23rd
       Shauna wants a Vandal Mom t-shirt
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  • Agenda 3-06-14

    Posted by Mandi Klimpel on 3/6/2014
    Brian R
    Flyers for Alumni Award
    Secretaries day 
     Week of April 23
        What do we want to do?
    Teacher Appreciation week May 5-9
    Spring Extravaganza
      April 28-May 2
      5 committees-plan
    NHS screen proposal
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