• Course Overview:

    Writing 101 is a course that places great emphasis on public writing in order to engage students in writing for specific purposes.  Students will become efficient in communicating with and engaging a particular audience to promote an intended purpose.  Throughout the duration of this course, the overarching goal will be to persuade a local decision maker to institute a change that will have positive impacts on an important issue at al ocal, community level.  With that outcome in mind, the four major projects in this course will be centered on onec ontroversial issue of your choosing. The culminating assignment will be a persuasive proposal that will be mailed to the decision maker at the end of the semester.  This course will be evaluated by me on a traditional high school grading scale and by a college level committee, of which I will be a member. This 4-5 person committee evaluates your course portfolio to assign a Missoula College semester grade. You must pass the college portfolio committee review with a minimum of a C- to gain the 3 semester credits.