• Air Quality Information
              Link to the Air quality Map:  http://svc.mt.gov/deq/todaysair/
             Link to Air quality Descriptions:  Click Here
     Air quality in the valley has been significantly effected by smoke from area wildfires.  Frenchtown School District has adopted a policy to help us keep our student safe during these events.  If you look at the sample graph below the air quality is depicted by the various colors on the graph.  Air quality in the green is considered good, Yellow is considered Moderate, Orange is "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups", Red is "Unhealthy", Purple is "Very Unhealthy", and Maroon is "Hazardous".  There are no restrictions while the particulate levels are in the green or yellow zones.  As the particulate level rises into the Orange level we limit outdoor practice times, recess, and physical education classes to 1 hour.  If the particulate level reaches the Red Zone "Unhealthy" we will cancel all outdoor practices, games, recess, and classes.
    While we try to make the decision to cancel a scheduled game as early as possible it is impossible to know with any certainty what the particulate level will do in advance.  So it is possible that outdoor games would be cancelled at game time.  You can use the links at the top of this article to track the particulate levels in the valley.