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    What an exciting time with our new facilaties,I am located in the new wing of the high school. 
    Please feel free to contact me if any concerns should arise, or in general you just would like to know how your student is doing in class.The best way to contact me is to go through the Email located at this web site.  Otherwise call the office and leave a message.
    I grew up in Butte, Mont. and graduated from Butte High School in 1977. I Attended Western Montana college and graduated with a degree in Broad Field Science.  
    I taught in Eureka Mont. for 13 years prior to moving to Frenchtown.
    I now have 21 years experience here at Frenchtown. 
    I am currently coaching Junior High Football. 
    I am currently married. My wife is Julia, and we have four children: Jenny, Anna, Bobby and Josh.  
    Class Description(s)
    This class will cover a varity of topics in the life science field.
    For class students will need to take daily notes. A notebook will be required.  This daily information contains all the needed material to pass all tests, quizzes and help with homework.This notebook will also be graded at the end of each quarter.
    This class is broken into two parts: First semester is a comprehensive study of freshwater systems.The class focuses on lake formations,water chemistry,aquatic insects,plants and in general how water is a vital necessity to life.We will experence two field trips whereupon we will collect data and specimens on the system. Upon bringing back this information, we will then construct a report on the ecology of the study area. 
    Second semester will be be a study of Mammology centered around mammals of Montana. Detailed lectures will also cover wolf and bear ecology.Time remaining will be spent on birds of prey in Montana. 
    Advanced Biology:
    The first quarter will cover plant ecology. Topics include the different photosynthetic processes seen by plants located in different geographic areas.Two field trips will take place whereupon collection of local plants will be sampled and brought back for identification.  
    Second quarter will cover indepth topics related to Genetics.
    Second Semester is dedicated to Human Anatomy.
    Lecture and identification of human tissues will be studied along with a very comprehensive look into bones and muscles.