• lane
    Hello 2nd Grade Parents!  I hope you enjoy our classroom website.  By checking this site each week, you can find out our current spelling list, vocabulary list, snack calendar, and all of our events.  The site is usually changed over the weekend. 
    Name: Lane Long
    Phone:  626-2620
    I was born and raised in windy Great Falls, Montana.  After moving to Missoula, I attended Sentinel High School and the University of Montana.  I graduated from the U of M in 1974. Huson has been my home since 1988.  My husband and I have raised 4 sons, all graduating from Frenchtown High School.  I started teaching at Frenchtown in 1991. I am fortunate to earn a living at a job that I love!  My interests are not numerous, but I am passionate about them all.  Traveling (I am hoping to travel to all of the continents), reading, quilting, and kayaking are on my "love to do" list.