Welcome! Thank you for checking in. Here you will find directions as to where you can locate my current assignments and how to contact me. I will keep this updated as changes are made throughout this quarter. We are all in this together. I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have as we progress through this new style of learning. This will be an adventure!
    My office hours are 9:00am -12:00pm.
    Name: Sherri Beierle
    Phone: (406) 626-2724
    Email: beierles@ftsd.org

    General math 1 and 2: Classroom Google is set up.  Students access it by using their ftbroncs account. Resources used for this class are Edreadymontana.org, Clever.com, and/or packets.
    Edready- students have established accounts and are in the middle of completing Pre-algebra Readiness or Algebra Readiness (depending on the student) If students have forgotten their login information, I can easily email it to you. The goal is for students to work through their self-paced program for at least 40 minutes a week.
    Clever.com: students log  into this program using their ftbroncs account. This site contains an online textbook, videos explaining concepts,  and assignments that can be completed and submitted within the Clever platform. For those who would rather complete the work using paper and pencil, a PDF of a similar assignment will be available to print from Google Classroom. This work can be turned in via the library drop off box located in the teacher's parking lot.
    Packets and textbooks will also be located just outside my room on  Friday, March 20th at the designated times.  If you come by in the mornig, knock on my door and I'll meet you with the book and packet. If you come in the afternoon, please complete the checkout form for textsbooks which will be located on the table. Packets can then be turned in via the library drop off box located in the teacher's parking lot upon completion.
    General Math 3: Classroom Google is set up. Students access it by using their ftbroncs account. Students will find assignments in PDF format on Classroom Google. If you don't have a printer, I recommend picking up a packet found just outside my room (205) on Friday, March 20th during the designated times. Packets and PDF assignments can be turned in using the library drop off box located in the teacher's parking lot. The student using Edready, will be asked to resume that program for 40 min. a week. The student using Everfi will continue through that program. Since this class is individualized, we may in the future move to indiviual emails for further instructions.
    Transitions: Classroom Google is set up and will provide specific weekly assignments.  Students will be using Everfi, an online program covering consumer topics and other similar assignments accessed from Classroom Google.
    Learning lab:  My plan is to be in touch with the students on an individual basis to assist in tracking assignments and to offer help. I will do what I can to monitor their progress and to be in touch with their teachers. 
    Pre-algebra- See Ms. Devlin's website for details.