• Susannah Murphy

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    As a Forest Service kid, I grew up all over the country, but mainly in the Northwest. I lived in sixteen houses before I was twenty years old! After spending my high school years in Hamilton, I attended the University of Montana. I started my teaching career back in Hamilton, teaching sixth grade. Since I left, I have been teaching in the Missoula area.  This is my twenty-first year of teaching. This summer I organized a family reunion, hiked in Glacier National Park, spent a few days in quiet solitude on top of a mountain, played in the Flint Creek Mountains with my family, worked on our tiny cabin in the woods, sold a ton of junk, bought enough to replace it all at garage sales, and read some great books. I am one of the most fortunate people I know, having the opportunity to live in the most amazing state in the US, and to work with the most incredible people on the planet, Frenchtown students and families.

    Grade 8 Physical Science
    Going Public
    I am inserting images of our notes about Going Public Presentations. This should make it easier to explain the project to anyone helping you.
     Going public 1 going public 2                                                                                                                                   gp4