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    Captain John B. Clegg, Logistician, US Army, Master's, Managerial Logistics; Ms. Austin; James A. Clegg, Master's, Business Administration, Manager, Chase Bank . Both gentlemen graduated Frenchtown High School.  
     A Ship in a Harbor
    Darla L. Austin
    E-Mail: austind@ftsd.org
    "Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life."--Author Unknown. Students, a suggested read is "Killing Lincoln," BIll O'Reilly and everything you can read by Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Grad Poor Grad."
    True Story: A farmer I know in Illinois sends all his employees to James Ramsey's money management training. One 23 year old young man who had attended the training at the age of 18 said his girlfriend always made fun of his $800 old truck...until she learned he had $30,000 in the bank.

    Possess four years experience teaching business at the junior college level, seven years in Frenchtown High School level, and fifteen years experience providing career training and counseling to individuals ranging from at-risk high school students and prison inmates to senior executives and scientists.



    • Professional Teaching Certificate, State of Montana
    • M.S., Business Administration, Boston University, West Germany
    • Standard Teaching Certificate, Business Education, State of Montana
    • B.A., Psychology, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington
    • Certified, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Burke, Virginia
    • Certified, Blackboard Course Management System, Vincennes University Systems Administration


    Online Course Developer and Instructor, Montana State University

    Conducted needs analysis, designed taxonomy of instruction, and developed modules for a Personal Finance class using Moodle 2.0 Course Management.  Modules included relevant, hands-on tools to connect learning, evaluate prior knowledge, and approach objectives; a glossary, power point presentation, usable forms, hands-on tools for learning focused on learning styles, suggested readings, learning analysis,and assessment of learning, for each instructional module.


    Instructor, Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana, Present

    Teach online learners to evaluate personal financial literacy, determine personal finance goals, and develop and put to use strategies to accomplish goals relating to issues ranging from planning and managing personal finances, making purchasing decisions, insuring one’s resources,investing in financial resources, and controlling one’s financial future.


    Business Teacher, Frenchtown School District, Frenchtown, Montana

    Taught Personal Financial Management, to include issues ranging from career decisions, money management and financial security to credit and risk management, resource management, and consumer rights and responsibilities. Instructed students in individual proprietorship,partnership, and corporate financial preparation in Accounting I and II; Business Essentials, XHTML web source coding in Web Design; Yearbook design, development and delivery; Money Survival Skills, and Computer Applications, in the high school.  Instructed Keyboarding mastery and Microsoft Office in the junior high school.


    Instructor, University of Montana College of Technology, Missoula, Montana

    Taught all aspects of organizational behavior to include perception and learning, personality differences, diversity management, motivational concepts and strategies, workplace attitudes, group dynamics and team development; communication,decision-making, leadership methods, conflict and cooperation management,organizational structure, design, change, and development, and ethics.


    Taught effective training systems, strategies, and practices to include learning principles, how to perform a needs analysis, training design, methods,development implementation and evaluation methods. Taught workplace law relevant to record retention, security, ethics, privacy, and employee rights and responsibilities; equal opportunity, discrimination, and affirmative action; human resource documentation, reporting compliance, and auditing.


    Assisted low income, first-generation College-Bound Veterans in area of reading strategies and comprehension, critical thinking, math, English, college survival skills and job search skills in order to increase the likelihood of a successful first semester as a student.


    Career Consultant, Career Discoveries

    Guided individuals affected by career changes, to conduct an effective employment search. Taught job search planning,self-assessment, goal setting, stress management, resume and cover letter development, networking, interviewing skills, and job offer evaluation and salary negotiation techniques. Administered Apticom aptitude battery and assessment tools, to include those of Holland, Marston, and Harrington-O’Shea.


    Consultant to county adult education and vocational services clients, many of whom suffered from bipolar illnesses and behavioral disorders.  Taught Iranian and Russian refugees job search and cultural adaptation skills. Consulted for organizations to include, Old Dominion University, National Institutes of Health, MCI, Internal Revenue Service, Departments of Army and Navy, and Corixa Research Corporation.


    Resource Consultants, Inc., Vienna, Virginia

    Corporate Training Coordinator, Vienna, Virginia)

    Wrote120-page management training program for NASA job centers; taught train-the-trainer modules to 16 NASA center managers and counselors.  Developed and produced 10-page management training program for managers at 55 Job Assistance Centers (JACs).  Performed job center site inspections,evaluating items ranging from computer documentation and conduct of workshops to program marketing and client employment rates.


    Wrote 22-page job search curriculum for use in leading edge multimedia computer based training.  Developed drop screens,cross-referenced thousands of career codes, and marketed implementation of new information system to field offices.


    Job Assistance Center, Manager, Anchorage, Alaska

    Activated one of 55 contracted JACs providing outplacement consulting.  Supervised resources supporting 10,000 job assistance services yearly.  Conducted large group seminars and small group workshops, training clients to be effective in all aspects of the job search process.  Taught goal-setting; objective building; resume writing; networking; interviewing; and job offer and salary negotiation skills.  Counseled 90 clients per month.  Continuously ranked as one of top three centers worldwide.