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    This page is intended to give you information about all of our Montana High School Association sanctioned Athletic and Activities programs.   Frenchtown currently participates in Football, Speech, Basketball, Cheer, Band, Choir, Volleyball, Track, Softball,  Cross Country, Wrestling, Golf, Soccer and Swimming.  If you have any questions or would like to see us post information that would be useful to you please let me know.  Each sport has their own individual pages that you can access through the links at the bottom of the page.

    Frenchtown Bronc Spring Activities

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    The required forms must be turned in on the 1st day of practice to try out.  Physical (MHSA form - signed by both the parent and student, blood pressure taken in each arm), concussion release, Parent Permission Form (please list all the sports you will participate in for the 18-19 school year) and Code of Conduct Policy. 



     Frenchtown Bronc Fall 19-20 
    All-Conference/State selections



    Western A All-Conference (top 15)

    Colby Emmons

    Ben Duhame

    Harper Armitage

    Grace Bintz


    All-State Class A (top 15)

    Harper Armitage

    Colby Emmons


    Cross Country

    All-State Class A (top 15)

    Tyler Schmautz



    Western A All-Conference

    Cassidy Bagnell – 2nd team

    Addy Tode – Honorable Mention




    1st –team SW A All-Conference

    Maddie Teagle

    2nd –team SW A All-Conference

    Lauren Demmons

    Shayla Dyer

    Honorable Mention - SW A All-Conference

    MiKaela Field

    All – State Class A

    Maddie Teagle



    1st- team SW A All-Conference

    Jeff Jacobs

    Braydon Simpson

    Dawson Leishman


    2nd – team SW A All-Conference

    Cole Westrom

    Dimarcus Moua


    Honorable Mention SW A All-Conference

    Mayson Palen


    All-State Class A

    Jeff Jacobs

    Braydon Simpson



    1st-team Western A All-Conference

    Jace Klucewich – Wide Receiver, Safety, Return Specialist

    Hank Rugg – Defensive End

    Cade Baker – Cornerback

    Tel Arthur – Fullback, Inside Linebacker

    Duncan Richardson – Defensive Line



    2nd –team Western A All-Conference

    Duncan Richardson – Center

    Dylan Perrine – Offensive Tackle

    Cade Baker – Quarterback

    Aidan Cyr – Wide Receiver, Outside Linebacker

    Kaiden Romney - Safety

    Ben Larson – Running Back

    Hank Rugg – Wide Receiver

    Dylan Perrine – Defensive Line



    All-State Class A

    Jace Klucewich – Wide Receiver

    Jace Klucewich – Safety

    Jace Klucewich – Return Specialist

    Tel Arthur – Fullback

    Tel Arthur – Inside Linebacker

    Cade Baker – Cornerback

    Hank Rugg – Defensive End

    Duncan Richardson – Defensive Line


    Army National Guard Academic All Team Award Class A Boys' Track and Field Class A Softball Spring 2019

    Frenchtown Bronc Fall 2019

    Academic All-State GPA>= 3.5


    Taylor Watt

    Skye White

    Olivia Cummins

    Ellie Crepeau

    MaKenna Hartman

    Elena Garrard


    Morgan Gow

    Maddie Teagle

    MiKaela Field

    Jasmine McClure

    Lindsey Knight

    Shelby Miotke

    Lauren Demmons

    Ulia Chinikaylo

    Kielee Stoker

    Sage Cranney

    Willow Stagg

    Adam Krause

    Mayson Palen

    Cole Westrom

    Colter Zandi

    Bodie Beauchamp

    Madiah Morin

    Sean Rody

    Matthew Kleinsmith

    Dimarcus Moua

    Lars Uecker

    Camden Moua

    Jorge Cruz

    Dawson Leishman

    Dane Lackner


    Kara Klietz

    Grace Bintz

    Kyla Stark

    Madison Rollins

    Grace Martello

    Colby Emmons

    Carson Wilcox

    Kamas Romney

    Eli Warner


    Jace Klucewich

    Kaiden Romney

    Zack Baker

    Jake Hinrichs

    Brandon Finley

    Tel Arthur

    Jack Ramer

    Duncan Richardson

    Jake Houlihan

    Luc Boudreaux

    David Toavs

    Creighton Kuhl

    Jaxon Waldron

    Trevor Morrissey

    Hank Rugg

    Eli Sailer

    Kayla Botkin – Mgr

    Lindsey Knight – Mgr

    Cross Country

    Claire Bagnell

    Olivia Channer

    Marley Glessner

    Carlie Habeck – Mgr

    Hallie Habeck

    Chloe Long

    Emilie Paasch

    Faith Rebich

    Abigail Sherwood

    Shelby Sherwood

    James Hughes

    Colton O’Brien

    Mason Rusek


    Addy Tode

    Maddy Eggers

    Maggie Kaiser

    Layne Bauer

    Hailey Wright

    Chloe Houlihan

    Kaia Larson

    Rylee Belcourt

    Emily Rehbein

    Keiran Burns

    Cassidy Bagnell

    Genesis Rebich - Mgr


    Kipp Lewis
    Activities Director
    Phone: (406) 626-2715



  •  FB 17 18  VB 17 18  Boys Soccer 17 18  
    Frenchtown has a proud history of competition in Montana High School Association activities.  We have won State Championships in Speech, Basketball, Softball, Cross Country, Golf, Track and Field and Football.  It is our goal to offer the best programs, coaches, and support that is possible for our students.  Activity programs provide students with unique opportunities to grow personally and emotionally.  They experience and learn how to handle pressure situations, success, failure, and the ability to work as a team with a wide variety of people.   The only thing that is guaranteed in these competitive activities is that you will work hard and compete against the best athletes our state has to offer.
    Nation wide students that participate in Activities have higher GPA's, fewer absences, higher graduation rates, and less discipline referrals than students who choose not to participate. Activities are an important and valuable part of public education in the United States and Frenchtown School District is dedicated to making our activity programs a leader in the education of our students.