Frenchtown Bronc Football



  • Friday August 10th

    8:30am-10:30am    T-Shirt and Shorts

    Turn in paperwork- Physical, Parent Release Form, Concussion Statement

    Weight Room and Conditioning Test

    Offense, Defense, and Special Teams Install


    4:00pm- 6:00pm    Helmets, T-Shirt, and Shorts

    Defense, Offense, and Special Teams Install/Walk Through



    Saturday August 12th


    8:30am-11:30- T-Shirt and Shorts

    Weight Room and Conditioning Test

    Defensive/Offensive Practice 







  • Parents/Players,


    I wanted to remind everyone of that your player must have his physical completed and turned in on the first day of practice August 10th.  I prefer that your athlete turns in all of the other required paperwork on that day as well (Concussion Statement and Parent Release Form).  If your athlete does not have his physical done they cannot practice.  Remember that all athletes must have 12 practices before they can compete.  It does not matter how many times you practice within a day...it still only counts as one practice.  Athletes will turn their paperwork into the coaches on the first day of practice.  We are very excited for the 2018 season!


    Coach Nelson

  • If you have any question feel free to contact Head Coach Ryne Nelson at RyneNelson@ftsd.org