• Hello!  My name is Amy Griffin, or more commonly known as
    Mrs. America.  I am Frenchtown Elementary's K-2 School Counselor AND I get to work with two of our 3rd-grade classrooms: Mr. DiFlugentis and Ms. Burkland's.  
    I believe in providing support, compassion, and understanding to all children and their families.  If I can be of support to you, or your child, please don't hesitate to stop by, call, or email.   
    Name: Amy Griffin
    Phone: (406) 626-2612
    Email: amy.griffin@ftsd.org
     In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.
                      Dare to be remarkable!
    Six years ago we ventured back to Northwestern Montana to work in the best district in the state, GO BRONCS! I have had the privilege to work in six districts across our state:  St. Labre Catholic Indian School, Ronan, Twin Bridges, Sheridan, and Whitehall. Sixteen years ago, I earned my Masters in Education from Montana State University - GOOO Bobcats!!! I am married to one cool cat and we have two amazing boys! Our life is full of adventure.  We have two dogs, and one is even named after a Bobcat! We love biking and just about every sport out there.   

     Kelso the Frog - Sturgeon Bay Schools - Patricia Vollrath
    Kelso the Frog is introduced to all students at Frenchtown Elementary School.  These problem-solving classroom lessons teach the students how to solve small problems using nine choices on the Kelso chart.  
    Students learn about BIG problems, such as dangerous situations, things that feel unsafe, are only for trusting adults to take care of.  Kids are reminded that BIG problems need to be handled by adults.  I have found these to be excellent ways to help solve problems with siblings or cousins as well.  Small problems are problems that, "I can fix it myself."  Here are the ways that Kelso teaches us to solve small problems:

    Kelso’s Choices:

    1. Go to another game (if someone is cheating, or not playing fair)

    2. Share and take turns (if you want to borrow something or vice versa)

    3. Apologize (if you hurt someone's feelings)

    4. Ignore (if someone is saying mean words)

    5. Tell them to please stop (ask them to stop saying mean words)

    6. Walk away (if they continue to tease walk away)

    7. Wait and cool off (take a deep breath and think about what you 
    need to say)

    8. Talk it out (tell the person using an I-message how you feel. ex: I feel 
    mad because...)

    9. Make a deal. (Decide together with the person who made you mad/sad 
    what you can do together to solve the problem)