• Mrs Straw
    Name: Amanda Straw
    Phone: (406) 626-2600

    Welcome to 4th Grade!


    Hello parents! I hope the year has started off smoothly for you and your 4th grader.  I am extremely excited to be your child’s teacher and have loads of fun planned for us this year! I also would like to remind you that I am not an expert yet with your child and his/her needs so if you have any information that you think I should know, I would love to hear it! Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with your questions or concerns. 


    Grades: In 4th Grade we begin to give letter grades (A-F).

    100-93% A   SUPERIOR

    92-90% A-

    89-87% B+      ABOVE AVERAGE

    86-83% B
    82-80 B-

    79-77% C+     AVERAGE

    76-73% C
    72-70% C-

    69-67% D+     BELOW AVERAGE

    66-63% D
    62-60% D-

    59-0% F         FAILING


    If your child has an assignment that is below a 75% they will have the opportunity to correct their assignment, and I will give them a grade of at least 75% . Also, any assignment that a child corrects that is above 75%, I will offer ½ of their points back. I believe that learning is happening most when work is corrected and encourage my students to correct their work!


    Planners: I expect my students to fill out their planners every day. I believe this promotes healthy work habits and will help them remember their assignments and homework.  I am mostly concerned that they are writing in their homework for the day. Please sign your child’s planner each night! Every morning I will check planners for signatures and if it is filled out properly. If you would like to see your child write more (ex: what activities we did in class for the day), please let me know!


    Birthdays: If you would like to send treats for your child’s birthday please make sure to send enough treats for the whole class. Also, we will celebrate birthdays at the end of the day at 2:30. Please do not send treats that need to be refrigerated or frozen unless it is worked out ahead of time!


    Homework: Most of the time your child may have Math Homework. Each lesson contains a math assignment that your child will have time to complete in class.  Homework will consist of work that has not been completed in class that day. I do not expect homework to take more than 30 minutes each night. I would encourage you to have your child read at least 20 minutes each day to promote healthy reading habits!