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    Name: Joe Youngberg
    I grew up in Belgrade Montana and graduated from Belgrade High School in 1999. I have two bachelors degrees: Bachelors in Science Education Broadfield Science and Biology from Montana State University and a Bachelors in Arts emphasis in Human Biology from University of Montana.  After Graduating from MSU I taught for two years in Stanley North Dakota. I taught 7th grade life science, 8th grade physical science, and HS Earth Science/Environmental Science. While in North Dakota I also coached 5/6th grade boys basketball and junior high girls basketball. I also continued reffing basketball and picked up reffing football. In 2013 I jumped at the opportunity to move back to the western half of Montana and teach at Frenchtown High School. This will be my 4th year teaching in Frenchtown. I am currently teaching Honors Freshman Science 1, Honors Sophomore Biology, Sophomore Biology, and AP Physics. I have coached track for the last 3 years emphasizing in hurdles the last 2 years. Last year I started coaching freshman boys basketball and am looking forward to continuing that endeavor. In my spare time I like to watch/play any sport, watch movies, and spend time near water. I am looking forward to many more years at Frenchtown High School and in the Frenchtown community. I look forward to looking into the world of science with the young thinkers of this community.
    Class Description(s)
    First of all in my classes I implore you to think outside the box and question the world.  Science is in everything around us and we are all scientists even if we don't know it. In my class we will all look at a problem and find our unique question and answer using science.
    Honors Freshman Science 1
       This course is an integrated science course. The first semester we study Earth Science and Astronomy. In Earth Science we study plate tectonics, mountain building, surface processes, weather, and Environmental geology. In Astronomy we study the solar system and the Universe. During the second semester we start out by studying Physics during the third quarter taking a look at the natural world and applying science to everyday concepts such as motion, speed, acceleration, energy, and waves. During the fourth quarter we head into chemistry. here we look at the atom, the periodic table, and both ionic and covalent bonds. 
    Honors Sophomore Biology
        This course in an overview of general biology. We will start with how we classify organisms and then work our way back starting small and working our way to bigger and bigger systems. Some of the main concepts we will be going over will be Cell Structure and Function, Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration,  Cell Growth and Division, DNA and RNA, Bacteria and Viruses, Protists and Fungi. We will be exploring these ideas using lecture notes, labs and discussion. 
    AP Physics 1
       AP Physics a fun class where we explore the nature of motion and how things in the world around us. We use the world to investigate the world around us and how things work. AP Physics 1 is mostly working with motion one-dimensional, two-dimensional, circular, and rotation. We do however go into waves, electricity, and momentum. Using labs, both online and hands on, discussion and demonstrations my plan is to prepare you to not just pass the AP test but to make you excited to become a life long physic learner. Physics isn't just for researchers and engineers! Many companies will hire physics majors because they are analytical thinkers which know how to solve or think their way around a problem.