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    Name: Joe DiFulgentis
    Phone: (406) 626-2622
    My name is Joe DiFulgentis and I am very excited to join the community at Frenchtown Schools.  This is currently my 4th year as a teacher.  I taught 3rd grade in Pablo, MT for two years and am in my second year at Frenchtown Schools.   This year, I'll be teaching reading/spelling, language arts, and social studies.
    I grew up in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania and have lived in many places before setting roots in Montana.  I live in the Evaro area with my wife and two kids (future Broncs!!).  I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors.  Western Montana is the perfect place to play outside during all the seasons!  I enjoy mountain biking, skiing, hiking and fly fishing, and playing music.
    Class Descriptions
    6th grade Reading/Spelling: The Reading curriculum comes from a textbook called "Journeys", however, will be supplemented with novel book units throughout the school year.  We will read a broad range of texts (narrative, expository, poetry, etc.) in order to gain a strong understanding of authors viewpoints, character development, comprehension strategies, vocabulary, and spelling.   
    6th grade English: The English Language Arts common core standards are extremely thorough and can be overwhelming at first glance.  Rest assured, I will be breaking the standards into easy-to-understand, kid friendly "I can" statements.  By the end of the school year, your student will have a strong understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to the standards.  During class time, your student will practice their skills by participating in fun and meaningful activities.  They will have many opportunities to share experiences, show creativity,  and discuss or write about important topics through various means of communication.
    6th grade Social Studies: Our social studies curriculum will dive deep into the past.  We will start off the year by learning the fundamental processes and tools of geography.  These processes will then be applied to various ancient civilizations.  When applicable, connections to our place (Frenchtown, Montana, United States, North America, etc.) will be used in order for students to relate better to topics of study.