• Human Resources
    We deal with payroll, insurance, workers compensation, job vacancies, and related items.  You can reach us by phone or email.  Please check the pages listed at the left hand side of our screen for information about Insurance, Payroll, and Employment.  You can also download documents and forms as well as get a list of our current job openings.
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    by staff
    Name:  Shauna Anderson
    Title:   Business Manager
    Phone:  (406) 626-2706
    Email:    sanderso@ftsd.org
    Name:   Susan Tolman
    Title:    Administrative Assistant
    Duties:  Payroll/Leave
    Phone:  (406) 626-2701
    Email:    tolmans@ftsd.org
    Name:   Susie Johnston
    Title:     District Clerk
    Duties:   Payroll and Insurance
    Phone:   (406) 626-2703
    Email:     johnstos@ftsd.org
Last Modified on February 2, 2017