•  Week March 23-27
    Students: Check Infinite Campus.  All classwork is up to date and all missing assignments can be completed without a text book and can be turned in using Google Classroom.  If you are missing Kente Cloth patterns they can be colored and turned in with packet material or if school resumes.  All book work should have been turned in while school was still in session.
    If you need to contact me please use the school e-mail (davist@ftsd.org), Google e-mail (tony.davis@ftbroncs.org), or comments within the Google Classroom. 
    World History
    This week will focus on Khan Academy - The Origin of Humans and Early Human Societies if you do not have internet access there is a packet available in the middle school office.  Read the information (use Google Read and Write???) answer the questions to the four quizzes that are part of the lesson.  All components should be completed on-line or in the packet.  Due March 27
    Google Classroom- I will regularly release assignments to the Google Classroom as we progress through the project. I will also enter due dates for new assignments in Infinite Campus as well.  At this point, you should only be focusing on gathering information in note form on your topics. 
    If we do need to get into the text book, I will make it available through the Google Classroom or packet process. ONLY TAKE A BOOK OUTSIDE THE HISTORY ROOM IF YOU DONOT HAVE INTERNET.
    Students do not use Google classroom as a chat room, only post questions and approriate work related comments. 
    Due by March 27
    Google Classroom - Turn in 3 Body Paragraph Notes
    Khan Academy - Origins of Humans and Human Societies
     March 30 - April 3

      Due by April 3

    Google Classroom - Turn in House Essay Outline

    Khan Academy - Neolithic Revolution and the Birth of Agriculture

    April 5 - April 10

    Due by April 10

    Google Classroom - Turn 1st Draft of House Essay

    Khan Academy - Ancient Mesopotamia

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    Phone: (406) 626-2650


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