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    Bienvenidos! Thank you for checking my website.  As we move forward in the 21st century learning language and understanding other cultures becomes more and more important.  Lets work together to make Spanish class a meaningful beneficial experience for all of our students.
    Name: Elizabeth Delaney
    Phone: (406) 626-2670

    I grew up in the Bitterroot valley and graduated from Hamilton High School, once a "Bronc" always a "Bronc."  However, be assured, my loyalties are the Frenchtown Broncs now.  I have a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from UM in Missoula.  While there I had the opportunity to study in both Spain and Mexico.  The study of Spanish is not only my career here at school but also my passion.  I visit Spain and Mexico whenever I get the opportunity.  Although I have traveled extensively I think we live in the most beautiful place in the world.  I live here in Frenchtown with my family and I am proud to have been teaching a Frenchtown High School since 1991.
    Class Description
    Language is in fact not learned but acquired.  Consequently, exposure to Spanish is essential.  Thus, in my classes I speak as much as possible in Spanish.  I do this by giving directions, teaching lessons, telling stories and allowing students to read.  Within the units taught there is vocabulary, grammar and culture.  As the students become more advanced they will be introduced to more and more literature and be asked to do more speaking and writing.