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      FTSD is in the second year of its strategic plan which was developed during the 2014-2015 school year by the district with input from board members, staff, students, parents and community members. The strategic plan sets a “Five Year Planning Horizon” with outcome-oriented goals and strategic objectives to guide the district through the next five years.


      The following thinking represents goals for the next five years. They are areas in which Frenchtown Public Schools will explicitly state the conditions or attributes it wants to achieve. These outcome statements will define, "what will constitute future success." The achievement of each goal will move the school district toward realization of its Envisioned Future.


      Strategic Objectives provide direction and actions on how the school district will accomplish its articulated goals.  All strategies included in the strategic plan should be considered accomplishable at some point in the future.  Strategic Objectives are reviewed annually by the Frenchtown Board of Trustees, Staff Leadership Team, faculty and community.


      Goals of the Frenchtown Public Schools



      Goal Area 1:  Educational Fidelity and Purpose 

      Statement of Intended Outcome, Five years:  We have successfully implemented educational opportunities for students with a focus on an individualized approach to education and have a rigorous accountability system in place to ensure that we are maximizing the learning potential of each and every student.


      Goal Area 2: Technology  

      Statement of Intended Outcome, Five years:  We have successfully integrated technological advancements into the curriculum to ensure that our students have access to and are effectively utilizing current technologies that enhance their learning capabilities and experiences. 


      Goal Area 3:  Safety and Security  

      Statement of Intended Outcome, Five Years: We have successfully improved the safety of our schools and our facilities by making safety a priority and by changing the mindset of our students and staff to take a proactive approach to injury prevention and other safety and security measures.


      Goal Area 4:  Facilities

      Statement of Intended Outcome, Five Years:  We have developed a comprehensive Facilities Plan that supports our students and staff, student learning and our vision for the future and the initiatives identified in this Strategic Plan. 


      Goal Area 5: Wellness 

      Statement of Intended Outcome, Five Years: We have enhanced our health and wellness programs for our students and staff through education and other programs that focus on the importance of healthy lifestyles and making healthy decisions that have positive long-lasting impacts.


      Goal Area 6: Community Engagement 

      Statement of Intended Outcome, Five Years: We have successfully enhanced the knowledge and engagement of our community.  As a result of our efforts our community is well informed about our priorities and fully supports our vision for the future of our District.



      The strategic Plan lined out with the direction that district constituents wants the board to proceed to help foster, nurture, improve, and continue the excellence in the educational environment in Frenchtown.  Included is a summary (click here) of how implementation has proceeded at the building levels for the first semester of the 2017-2018 school year.  These lists were developed by the principals at each building level and reflect the priorities associated with the grade level.  Also the entire FTSD Strategic Plan is posted on www.ftsd.org for the public to review.

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