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School Safety - An Important Talk with your Student

School Safety – An Important Talk with your Student

Our Schools at Frenchtown are safe places. Assure your child that school violence is not common.  Frenchtown School District does a lot to ensure safety for staff and students:  drills, safety training for staff and students and our doors are locked. Point out the importance of visitors signing in at the main office.  Help your child understand that such precautions are in place to ensure his or her safety and stress the importance of adhering to school rules and policies.

Encourage your child to be a Safety Ambassador.  If they SEE SOMETHING they should SAY SOMETHING.  Students are taught about the difference between Big Problems and Little Problems (Minor).  The biggest indicator of a Big Problem (Major) is our feelings of worry, concern, nervous, scared.  If these feelings are present, it is really important that the child tell a grown up that they trust.  Please have your child understand and state who are safe people to talk to:  parents, teachers, administration, and counselors and name those individuals.  The most important thing is that they keep telling, someone listens, and there is action or the child feels heard.   If there is an intent to harm, or someone feels like they or someone else will be hurt, then that is a MUST TELL!

School staff work with local police and fire departments, emergency responders, hospitals, and many others in the community to produce a safe environment for all. Camera systems and routine safety checks help Frenchtown School District to provide an environment that supports all students and staff members.

Follow the link below for more information on how to talk with your student about school violence. 

For further support, please contact your building administrator or counselor.


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