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The Frenchtown Board of Trustees Formally Adopts Its New Strategic Plan

The Frenchtown Board of Trustees formally adopted its new strategic plan at its March 17, 2015 regular monthly School Board meeting. The Frenchtown Public Schools has created a new direction for the District to strategically focus its resources on identified wants, preferences, and needs of its community. As part of this process, the District has begun a strategic planning and thinking process that will lead to a stronger and more vital school district. This process will be ongoing as the District moves into the future. This strategic plan is intended to help the District in focusing its resources in a manner that will best benefit the children enrolled in the District.

The Frenchtown Public Schools Board of Trustees and Staff Leadership Team began the strategic planning and thinking process necessary to fit with its commitment to children, to community engagement and to knowledge-based decision making processes.

As part of its preparation for strategic planning, Frenchtown Public Schools brought in Debra Silk of the Montana School Boards Association to help facilitate the strategic planning process. Board members, administrators, supervisors, teachers, classified employees, parents, and community members all participated in a series of meetings to develop the strategic plan for both the long term (up to 30 years) and short term (1-5 years).

Now that the Board of Trustees has approved of its Strategic Plan, the next steps are the development of actions plans by the Board and Staff to begin a process of making progress on the Strategic Objectives identified under each Goal Area. If you would like to be involved in the development of the actions plans, please contact Randy Cline at or by calling 406-626-2600.
Click here to download the Frenchtown Public School Strategic Plan.