NCAA Eligibility

Students who wish to participate in sports at the college level (Division I & II) must meet the NCAA course, test score, and grade point average requirements. Please read “Know the Rules” and review the list of courses that are approved. Credit Recovery courses are not accepted by the NCAA.

Students should meet early with their counselor about course planning. Approved subjects are listed on the NCAA link. Please check the NCAA High School Portal of Frenchtown High School approved courses here. Our high school code is 270345.

We recommend students register with the NCAA Eligibility Center during their junior year.

Click the link below to view eligibility guidelines to help you plan for your eligibility:

NCAA Division 1 Requirements

NAIA Eligibility

As with the NCAA, students interested in playing NAIA need to create a player profile their junior year.

Carroll College, Montana Tech, UM Western, Providence, and MSU Northern are all NAIA schools.

NJCAA National Junior College Athletic Association

For NJCAA you do not need to register with an online player portal.