Immunization Information

Required Documentation :

In accordance with State Immunization Law, Frenchtown Public Schools require all children to be fully immunized prior to entering school. On or before the first day of school, parents must present to school officials:

  • signed (or stamped and dated) documentation from a health care provider indicating that the child has been immunized OR

  • a State of Montana Certificate of Immunization (blue form) which has been signed by a physician, health officer or designee, and indicates the month, date and year that the child has received the required immunizations.

Parents may choose to file an affidavit of exemption from Montana's immunization law because their religious teachings oppose immunization. An affidavit of exemption form can be obtained in any of the school offices. A new affidavit for your child must be signed, sworn to, and notarized yearly.

Please note: If your child has a medical or religious exemption, for their safety and to reduce the spread of illness, they will be excluded from school as directed by local health officers if they have been or may be exposed to the diseases specified by state immunization school requirements.