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Completing a scholarship application can be a difficult task. Below are some tips to help you complete your application and essays.

— Pay close attention to scholarship application deadlines as applications submitted past the deadline will not be considered. The first scholarship deadlines begin in the fall for the following school year.

— Neat Appearance. Neatness, punctuation, grammar and spelling are important. Have someone read it over for you to make sure it looks and sounds good.

— Prepare letters of recommendation. Ask a few people to write letters of recommendation on your behalf so you will have them ready for future scholarship and college applications. Give people enough time to write the letter, but make sure you give them a date that you need the letter by. Prepare a scholarship resume outlining your involvement in activities in and out of school, community service and other information that you would like them to include.

— When writing your essays let your personality shine through. While scholastic achievements are important, in most cases, they are not the only items considered. Think about including your clubs, sports, volunteer and community involvement, honors and achievements, financial need, personal stories or valuable lessons learned.

— Thinking about common essay questions can help you prepare for a scholarship essay. Typical questions might include: What are your short and long-term goals? Describe any unusual family or personal circumstances that have affected your achievement in school? What are your work or extracurricular activities? List experiences related to your field of study?

— Proofread your essays and applications in addition to having a least one other person proofread your application. Spelling errors or poor writing skills will have a negative effect on your chances of receiving the scholarship.

— Keep a copy of everything you submit!

— If you are notified that you have received a scholarship always send a thank you note to the donor.

— Scholarships are a numbers game so the more you apply for the more you will be likely to receive.


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