Immunization Information - Tdap/Td Booster and Varicella

Tdap/Td Booster

All students entering 7th grade will be required to have a tetanus booster within 5 years of entering 7th grade.

State Law Requires New Vaccination

  • Starting this school year, 2015-2016, the State of Montana is requiring that all students have TWO VARICELLA (Chicken Pox) immunizations. If your child has had the disease, the requirment can be waived but you will need medical documentation from a physician that we can put into their school record.

  • THE NEW REQUIREMENT IS EFFECTIVE ON OCTOBER 1st. If your child has not had the TWO VARICELLA immunizations by October 1, 2015, State Laws says that they will not be allowed to remain in school.

  • State Law does not allow students to attend classes until documentation of the immunization or a new, signed and notarized exemption affidavit is received in the Junior High office. Documentation can be faxed to 406-626-2654 or mailed to Frenchtown Junior High School, P.O. Box 117, Frenchtown, MT 59834.

Thank you for keeping our school a healthy environment for all our students by fulfilling this requirement.

Lynn Gustin

406 626 2650