5th Grade Begginning Band

300 Practice Minutes will be due October 25, 2021!

We are mid way through the first quarter!

By now, all students should have a pretty disciplined practice routine nightly at home. If your student is struggling with practice time, they may need help organizing a time in their day just for band practice.

Please talk with your child about the importance of daily practice. If they have a busy schedule with sports, help them find the time in their schedule to support their practice time!

All students now know the first 5 notes on their instruments. Students need to continue to work to create the sound of 5 different notes.

With some instruments, this is more challenging and will take a lot of practice!

Students need to continue to work through numbers 1-20 in their practice books. This is what we have covered, and what we will be covering in class in the near future!

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