Dress Code Information

Dress Code

A reasonable guideline to follow is that shorts should not be shorter than mid-thigh and should reach the fingertips when hands are extended at the side. Short shorts are not appropriate at school. Shirts, blouses, and pants that leave the midriff exposed are not allowed. Tops with spaghetti straps should not be worn. Loose fitting muscle shirts that don’t fit snugly around the arms are also prohibited.

No clothing with alcohol, drug logos, inappropriate comments or illustrations will be allowed. In the event the school decides clothing is improper, the student will be asked to call home to get more appropriate items for wear, or clothing will be provided for temporary use during the day.

Footwear: Children are encouraged to be physical and run and play while at recess. Flip-flops and slip on shoes can be a hazard and restrict your child’s play activities.