Medical Practices at School

The School District has contracted for the services of a licensed public health nurse for the protection of student health, maintenance of records, administration of medications, and health education. When it is necessary for students to receive medication during the day the school

nurse will administer it, or direct another competent adult to do so. Prescription medication, in its original container, must be hand delivered to the school by the parent or legal guardian. Under no circumstances should the student bring these medications to school.

When medications are brought to school, they must be in the original container, with full instructions including the time and proper dosage. If students are on a cycle of medication where the doses can be given at home rather than at school, it is recommended. This will prevent

forgetting medicines at school and the problems with transporting them back and forth. Parents are also required to sign permission statements BEFORE any medications can be given to their child at school. Please consult Board Policy 3416 for further definition of our medication policy.