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The goal is to have all students return for face to face instruction for the 2020-2021 school year. Everyone back is where we want to be but we recognize that we will have to comply with and follow the direction from our governing bodies such as the Missoula County Health Department. There is the possibility that out plans will change over the next few weeks.

All Students in attendance

 • Follow the established bell schedule (4 class periods per day) with the cancellation of the M-8 (all period) day on Mondays to limit contacts and transitions. So A/B rotation 4 periods per day.

 • Advisory class is canceled (to limit transitions and contacts)

 • Class sizes will be less than 30 in all classes (governor mandates less than 50)

 • Teachers will attempt to space desks and students 6 feet apart whenever possible

 • Masks will be required 

• Students will hand sanitize in and out of the classrooms

 • Protexus sprayers will be used on desks and tables. They use electrostatic technology to coat surfaces with disinfectant.

 • Seating charts will be used for all classrooms to help with contract tracing if needed

 • Regular lockers and Gym lockers will not be issued to avoid large congregations of students • PE will be outside whenever possible

 • Lunch- students will be spread out. New tables have been ordered for the Lunchroom, pods, gym balconies and outside areas to limit gathering size to 50.

 • Lunch-Open Campus to Sophomores 

• Students will be assigned a Chromebook when possible and they will be disinfected between use

 • Attendance policy will be reviewed on a case by case basis

 • High School students are encouraged to drive whenever possible to alleviate congestion on the bus system.